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Kairos is the Greek word for the “right time”. It denotes the concept of an opportune season and is not limited by the concept of chronological or sequential time. Kairos3x invites you to think of the opportune time to take action to reframe past events, identify current situations, and plan for the future with purpose in an unlimited and unknown manner.

If you are searching for ways to:

  • Better understand your life, including past traumas & wounds
  • Better experience current relationship and future possibilities
  • Bettery identify meaning in each moment of each day
  • Better create a roadmap for your life
  • Write your story with purpose and meaning

You are in the right place. I’d be privileged to work with you if you’re looking for someone to assist you! As Dr. Seuss says, “Oh the places you’ll go!” 

Here is what we offer:

meaning centered therapy for adults and children

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coaching & consulting

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retreats and workshops

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courses in ethics, meaning, burn-out, stress

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I’ve studied Logotherapy under Dr Cyndi’s mentorship over the past 3 years and it has been an incredibly enriching journey that has steered the direction of my life. I started off with an inkling of an interest in ‘meaning’ that gradually, under her compassionate and dedicated mentorship, evolved into a lifelong passion to bring purpose development work to young people in India and everywhere. From my conversations with her, I’ve come to see that Dr Cyndi is incredibly knowledgeable about how to engage her clients, and especially young people, in conversations around values and meaning so that they can step into life with purpose and resilience. Her experience in school counseling has equipped her to be particularly sensitive to bring this work to children and young people in ways that respect their intellectual autonomy and belief systems while cultivating character. I feel her work is among the most important things this world needs today, so that more and more young people can step into life with the resilience that comes with having an inner compass, leading to better mental health as well as meaningful contributions in the world beyond the self. 
Niharika Sanyal

Purpose Guide™, Youth Leadership Coach, Speaker, Writer

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About Cynthia Wimberly, PhD

Are you feeling overwhelmed, losing hope, or just wanting things to be different?

My desire is to help you live your story with meaning and passion. Each of us are called to be the hero of our story. Don’t let life events cheat you out of that role. You are important. It’s time to discover who you are, what your values are, and what life is calling you to do. If you’re ready to take the next step in discovering who you are, schedule an appointment with me.