Cynthia Wimberly, PhD.

Let me tell you a little about me

Born and reared in Stamford, Texas, a small west-Texas community of about 3000, has shaped my personality and belief systems. The people of Stamford, unaware that the community was too small to achieve certain things, created and continue the world’s largest amateur rodeo, the Texas Cowboy Reunion, have a school system that has seen state wide success in academics and all extracurricular activities. All of this in spite of extremes of weather, economic hardships, declining population, and the challenges of life.

Like many young people, I couldn’t wait to leave but then found myself back after college. As a wonderful home base, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places, to meet and work with a diverse group of individuals from all countries, faith backgrounds, and lifestyles and to be humbled by the experiences of others. I’ve learned its okay to fail; it isn’t okay to quit. I’ve learned everyone has challenges, some more than others, but we all do. No one person, no one place, or no one ideology is always right. We are all human. There are only two types of people, those who are caring and decent and those who are selfish and cruel. Each of our differences are to be celebrated and it takes each of us to make this world go round. Life will never be fair; but it will always provide the opportunity to be meaningful.